Animal EARTh

Promoting the Study and Exhibition of Animal Art

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About Animal EARTh

Animal EARTh was formed in 2008.

Janet Anne Carden founder artist invites guest artists and crafts men/women to join her in this annual exhibition and helps promote and encourage animal art in all its aspects and to give animal artists the chance to exhibit a larger body of work in one place than they would normally be able to do. There are limited opportunities for Animal Artists to display their work, and most exhibitions currently available are generally restrictive both in subject matter (Wildlife won’t take domestic animals) and in quantity (Most exhibitions are restricted to a maximum of 3 works – juried.)

Animal EARTh holds an annual exhibition when carefully selected guest artists are invited to join the group in displaying their work at a prestige venue. All aspects of Animal Art will be displayed, from vibrant watercolour to masterly oils, in one spacious exhibition area. Each artist will be able to display sufficient work to showcase their own style and range of abilities. Artists will also be selected whose work is complimentary to each other to give a balanced exhibition.

Delicate butterflies will be displayed as well as Big Cat Studies.

Wildlife will hang comfortably beside portraits of Domestic Animals and Pets.

Country Life will be displayed in Equestrian paintings, and Game birds will be shown as well as Birds of Prey. Sculptors, wood carvers, leather workers, potters etc will show their skills of original works.

In exhibiting work in this way, Animal EARTh hope to bring Animal Art to a wider audience in a more accessible and congenial setting. The Exhibition will cover a range of sizes from large feature pieces to small intimate studies; additionally some artists will be offering for sale more affordable prints of selected pieces.

Taking part every year in the Animal EARTh exhibition are Cheshire Wildlife Trust who have been working for wildlife across the region since 1962, standing up for nature and securing special places for wildlife. The Trust is for all ages , so come along and meet some of the team and see their very interesting stand where you can find our more about what’s going on in your area and even join the Trust and ENJOY!  -